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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, september 13. i am gasia mikaelian and this is bay area news at 7:00. what was that? >> as investigators try to figure out what caused the deadly explosion in san bruno we are getting a new look at the inferno created a resident shot this video on his iphone from his yard shortly after the
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blasts. he told authorities he only had minutes to find his dog and escape. . his home only suffered minor damage could many others were not so fortunate. many who live in the area got their first look at the devastated neighborhood. pg&e says it will get each household as much as $50,000 with no strings attached. on investigation the ntsb said it has finished its work and will begin to examine documents and records subpoenaed in the excavation that occurred we are looking at as far back as we can go. >> in the coming days they will begin interviewing employees and witnesses. >> we are learning more tonight about the victims of the fireball following some conflicting information print here's what we found out. they corner confirms four fatalities. three people are missing and unaccounted for work.
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sixty-six people suffered injuries. we get more tonight from jana katsuyama. >> gasia, as you can imagine this is an emotional day for families allowed back in their homes as well as the families of the victims printed we spoke with their friends, relatives and church leaders as they prepare for their funerals. >> reporter: in the search for victims painstaking recovery efforts had led to painful answers. to confirm the victims, a 13- year-old girl and her 44-year- old mother . the students in san francisco held a memorial mass this morning for the husband and father and her older sister. >> it was jackie and janessa and their family has been torn
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apart. in one instant. it could have been anyone of them. >> good morning, today is thursday, may 27. >> she was a bright and well loved eighth-grader and her grandfather came to school today to think students are. >> i think this is a place of comfort for them. and a place where they were -- they knew that their children were let. >> a half-mile from the blast site the family of a third victim met with pastors to arrange the funeral for 20-year- old jessica morales and whose boyfriend was badly burned in the fire. >> is just heart breaking. >> the fourth victim is believed to be in 84-year-old who made it through to her front porch. >> she sat down on the steps to take a breather because of the
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smoke and fire and everything and the fire and culture. >> two of her daughters and a son-in-law who tried to rescue her remain in the hospital tonight. >> reporter: funeral services have been set for jackie and janessa gregg and will be scheduled for jessica morales on saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the church of the highlands could report in light, jana katsuyama. >> there are no words from three still missing people. it don't make you can get an idea of the sheer terror -- and you can get an idea of the
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sheer terror from the cpu and video when the explosion went off last thursday preview can see here people running store employees and customers take off and other people type behind the counter. some tried to get out the front door and said they thought all of the shaking was from a plane crash or earthquake. >> the cause of the blast is still are from being determined and pg&e is going through with plans to rebuild the devastated neighborhood. >> reporter: pg&e announced they created a $100 million fund to restore the counter. it's starting friday it will give residents an individual check up to $50,000 per household with no strings attached. >> we will not be asking them and will not ask them to sign any release dates when they accept that. it does not prohibit them from filing any other claims. >> reporter: money that could help this resident whose home
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has smoke and water damage. >> it was a crazy moment. we do not know what to do. >> reporter: they keep the city of san bruno i check for $3 million in the mayor is still telling the overtime and cost of infrastructure. residents expressed doubt that pg&e did all it could to prevent a gas. >> they need to give something back to the community because the people down there are pretty hurt. >> reporter: part of the neighborhood is still considered a crime scene including this creator and they will have clues about what caused the explosion and the ntsb is looking for more video such as this one recorded on a gas station surveillance camera could watch the upper west portion of the screen you see decrease fly before the raging fireball. at the center of the explosion,
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pipes were sent to labs in washington dc to find the cause of the demonstration created in san bruno, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they will investigate all pipelines in the state and issued that order yesterday at the request of the acting governor. pg&e had 6,000 miles of underground high-pressure gas lines and by all accounts the complete inspection will be a huge endeavor. >> the pipelines provide service to all of our customers in central and northern california but i cannot tell you specifically how many of them go through neighborhoods like you in san bruno. >> the pipe that exploded was more than 50 years old and they say it was installed when the neighborhood had a smaller population. the disaster resonates deeply with victims of the oakland hills fire. victims say they cannot help but notice similarities in that story is coming up in about seven minutes right here on bay area news at 7:00.
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rangers at yosemite national park say they have found human remains that belongs to a livermore man. forty-six to a fred crawford disappeared in august 2,003 while hiking in the remote northeast corner of a city park. one week ago a ranger found human bones including his driver's license. the sheriff's department is performing dna tests to confirm the identification. the u.s. government says it will not pay $500,000 they are demanded by the iranian government to free hikers sarah shourd. a ron had said they would free her on saturday but then added the half-million dollar bill demand. her family says it is having a hard time raising the money and
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her attorney says diplomats are passing up that they'll be lowered or dropped. authorities are being asked for help tonight in finding a man accused of robbing three bay area 7711 stores at gunpoint. a surveillance footage shows a man with a semi automatic weapon of robbing an oakland 711 on september 4th. the same man drove to hayward and hit another store. a $2,500 reward is being offered for information in this case. police say they have arrested two men in connection with an armed robbery created investigators say officers pulled over a car for a traffic violation and they found items from the amusement park in the car as well as marijuana. police say the car's driver is an employee of the park and a passenger works for the vendor. both men were taken into custody. jerry brown today fired
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back at republican opponent meg whitman saying her ad is filled with false information. >> it was just plain wrong. >> the ad features a presidential debate from eight years ago between governor bill clinton and brown and jerry brown says the reporter who wrote the story admitted that report was inaccurate and meg whitman knows the ad is false. >> she is a billionaire and she says that she can make things up and lie in a political campaign. her track record is not telling the truth and it gets longer every day and. >> whitman's campaign tackle her remarks to political -- the political ad that she is sticking by the ad. >> people announced their support of the ballot measure that would legalize and
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regulate the sale of marijuana in california. city attorney john russo is among the groups supporting it that would make pot use legal for those 21 and older and it could rake in hundreds and millions of dollars if prop 19 passes and opponents say that it violates federal drug laws. fewer than half of california's youth reach their targets score on the state academic index. the state department of education says 40% of public schools scored a hundred or better on the 1,000-point index still a 10-point improvement from last year. the huge gap between races is still evidence and the average score for asians was 889, for whites it was 838 and african- american students scored an average of 65. the fire is a haunting reminder of the east space-bar storm and coming up the emotions rekindled after almost
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seven years. and, of course, is this convention in the bay area a equivalent of the 20th century gold rush? >> clouds are pushing back into the bay and coming up i will let you know when a few rainclouds could approach the bay area.
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>> u.s. capitol police order people on the part of the house of representatives today after spotting a powdery substance and evacuated the visitors and press galleries and said they did so out of an abundance of caution. the substance turned out to be harmless and there were only a few people in the gallery and access was restored within an hour. back now to the explosion and fire in san bruno.
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one hundred people were allowed past offenses and into the disaster area. they boarded buses and were driven into the area. there were people who lost everything, their homes and the content. they were shown the crater left by the explosion, the devastation and what was left of their homes. >> i could see part of a wall, maybe two or 3 feet high in the back of it and half of the chimney. the top half of it broke off. i was sitting with the people whose house was right next door and their chimney was totally destroyed. >> there is no word yet on whether residents will be allowed back except for personal items that may be back in -- maybe in the rubble. >> this is the most devastating since the oakland hills fire of 19 years ago and they see their losses and still echoed today. health and science editor john fowler has the story. >> reporter: the nation's most
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costly urban fire, 3,000 homes destroyed, 25 dead. as. >> it was a life-changing experience. >> reporter: he stood outside that sunday morning. he said the street turned into a volcano. some neighbors frozen panic. others ran for their lives. >> the fighters crested the hill. get out now. there was no time to evacuate any possessions. >> reporter: this woman also lost everything. >> i was stunned. i did not cry. >> reporter: she rebuilt, her neighbor did not. when she saw the san bruno fire thursday night she says emotions came flooding back. >> i know what they are going to go through and i know how long it will take. >> there is an aftermath
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dealing with insurance companies for many it was worse than the buyers. >> reporter: he had to threaten his insurer with legal action created a study two years ago of firestorm survivors rebuild remarkable resilience and more than 80% exhibit no psychological symptoms. >> it made me much more of an activist to work on emergency preparedness. >> reporter: in fact, he led efforts to create this preparedness pavilion that is one of the survivor projects and a reminder that whether it's fire or earthquake many of us in the bay area live in harms way. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us for the latest developments our next newscast is the 10:00 news on channel two and you can also click the tab on our homepage at doesn't survive a plane crashed -- it doesn't survived a plane crash this morning.
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they had 47 crewmembers on board when it went down in eastern venezuela. fifteen people are confirmed dead and 36 others were taken to hospitals. the pilot radioed he was having trouble controlling the aircraft which gave rescuers time to get influences and fire trucks to the site. hewlett-packard announced another acquisition and will buy another cupertino provider called arc site. the deal comes about two weeks after hbp $2 billion for data source company three park winning a bidding war with dow. now to wall street. a positive news about the global economy, china reported that its economy rate means the -- remains good. >> take a look at the first of
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its kind convention held in san francisco. david stevenson shows us what some developers are doing to devise the next killer app. >> reporter: they hope to become the next mtv through a app instead of on television. >> is the only thing that gives emerging companies like us on a level playing field with some of the established brands. >> reporter: conference organizers as the mania for new applications has its roots in san francisco. >> developers are in all 50 states and you see these hot apps from all over the place. a concentration here but if you look at the infrastructure of the business the global app economy is in the san francisco bay area. >> 7 billion were downloaded last year and organizers estimate it will be a $17
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billion market by 2012. >> iphone users have the most apps per phone that is about 40 on average per individual. >> reporter: many of the products use gps to organize information or locate services offers are targeting medical markets. but the flood of newly apps means it's often hard to be heard. >> a lot of people are interested in apps and how do i make money and it will only get harder as we go from 300 to 400,000 adds. >> many of the applications on display here can be developed with fewer people at lower costs per unit in san francisco, david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. the next competition will be held in 2013 with crew is releasing a new class of boat spree at the current champion
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bmw oracle racing joined challengers for the announcement made in spain a city crews will complete in 72 feet catamarans and san francisco is seen as a front runner to host the competition and organizers say the decision will be made by the end of this year. a sandwich shop is closing its doors for the final time tonight but not for the reason you might think. coming up how you could say success ruins a little place. bay area weather may be warming up and meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking rain the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim. the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out.
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a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. >> a gas leak caused a brief scare today in the basement of a school of the epiphany. although it delayed the start of the school day crews repaired the leak and classes resumed. mark tamayo joins us now to talk about possible rain in the forecast. >> there has been so much uncertainty but there is some rain across northern california. as we head into friday and
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possibly in the bay area. right now i can show you know rain clouds but some fog developing offshore sundaes including this afternoon but still a fog bank out in the pacific created that will be on the increase for the next three to six hours. we have some fog developing out towards the shoreline that will continue to be a factor tonight. currently san francisco is 57 degrees. as far as overnight lows the cooler spots in the 40s and san francisco 53 degrees. san jose 52 degrees. this is the developing weather story from later in the week for friday and into saturday. temperatures cooling off and the chants were a few light showers. chances will be up in the north bay and something we will have to iron out for the next few days. no major changes. clearing skies and some patchy coastal fog. some spots approaching 85 degrees by thursday. partly to mostly cloudy and 52
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degrees and into the afternoon hours that cloud bank pulls back to near the shoreline. temperatures about two to 4 degrees warmer. livermore is right around 80 degrees. san jose around 74 degrees. these temperatures will check in around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's a look ahead. things will be steady tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the warmest locations in lanes around 84 or 85 degrees. by friday we increase the clouds. gasia? >> thank you. dcm francisco sandwich shop will close its doors forever. the owner of ike's place says he is closing up at midnight. a few neighbors complained
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about noise law minds of customers and the trash they leave behind got him addicted from his location but he has opened up new shops in pol alto. our coverage continues online on the and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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